Looking ahead

Looking ahead to 2021, I’m especially looking forward to starting my ERC project ‘Migration rhythms in trajectories of upward social mobility in Asia’ in mid-2021. To find out more watch a 2 mins video on the project here and listen to this PRIO peace-in-a-pod episode. The project will be hiring two post-docs (announcement in late 2021). To sign up to be informed once information is available, click here and fill out the form .

The launch of the PRIO Migration Centre is a really exciting step: find out more at our virtual home migration.prio.org and subscriber to the PRIO Migration Update  for more on our publications, educational opportunities, resources, and other news. A key aspect of PRIO’s research on migration is that it spans the entire migration chain—from the conditions that spur departures, via migration processes to settlement and integration, sustained ties with communities of origin, and possible return or onward migration. This is reflected in the diversity of projects where migration takes on a central – or more peripheral role – empirically as well as conceptually. Very happy to be co-directing the PRIO Migration Centre with Jørgen Carling.

In 2020 my research focus is (and has been) on data collection on migration and development (MIGNEX) (fieldwork in Pakistan and coordination of qualitative data collection in ten countries) and diaspora external voting (DIASPOLitic) (coordinating data collection with Polish and Romanian migrants, in Oslo and Barcelona). The former delayed but ongoing, due to the pandemic, the latter completed just as the pandemic hit Europe. We are also working on a new H2020 project which PRIO is a partner in, QuantMig (Quantifying Migration Scenarios for Better Policy). I’m wrapping up analysis and writing in ongoing projects on nurse migration (WELLMIG) and questions of immigration, housing and Islamic finance (FINEX), and preparing for work on new projects in 2021. As of 2020 I’m also the Research Director for the Social Dynamics department at PRIO (for a two-year period).

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